Mission Statement
The La Jolla Shores Surfing Association was originally
formed back in the 1960s by a couple of surfers looking for
a body to address concerns of the  local surf community.   
Today we continue to serve the same purpose though our
scope of involvement has changed dramatically.  We now
are involved in our local planning groups including the La
Jolla Shores Association, Park and Recreation Service, San
Diego City Government, Lifeguards, SIO, and more.  We
hold annual events that include hosting and participating in
contests, beach parties, beach clean ups and more.  With
funds permitting, we donate to charitable organizations and
Big Right Shores
Jack Cassidy 2005
LJSSA Board of Directors*
1st Vice President:  Don Timms
2nd Vice President:  Pete Lewis
Secretary:  Donnie Ciccimaro
Treasurer:  Pete Zacharzuk Jr. *
Member at Large: Dave Mcleod*
LJSSA By Laws and Constitution
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La Jolla Shores Surfing Association
PO BOX 1281
La Jolla, California 92038
Surfers dedicated to the guardianship of our ocean and community
To read a written history of "Then - How It all Began" Click here
Page 1 and Page 2. Written  in 2016 by club member Alex
Finlayson for our Menehune Contest Event Program.

La Jolla Shores Surfing Association came about in the late 1960’s
& early 1970’s as an informal organization and as the issues
being addressed were resolved the organization waned.

Gradually, as time went on and the political climate of the era
again  attempted to impose it’s order on the local surfers and
beachgoers, the club resurfaced as the La Jolla Shores
Longboard Association in the late 1970’s & early 1980’s.  This time
it was to ward off an attempt to prohibit surfing at The Shores
that brought together a dedicated group of longboard surfers
who worked with the City of San Diego and the local Lifeguard
service to come to a compromise which preserved surfing at The
Shores.  Once again as the problems of the day were resolved,
this organization also dissolved and became an informal group of
surfers who frequented The Shores and called it their ‘home

In 1996, with several issues again threatening to limit access to
The Shores as well as shrinking the size of the surf zone it was
time to create a formal organization to provide an effective
means of securing the past in the future at The Shores.  The La
Jolla Shores Longboard Association was revived as a formal
organization with an Executive board and dues paying members.  
The LJSLA grew to a membership of 130 plus members.  This
group addressed issues from the installation of parking meters
to the effective regulation of surf schools.  As a formal
organization they went on to further establish themselves as a
viable community organization through their many contributions
to the local community both monetarily as well as thru

Eventually, seeing the need to be all inclusive, the officers of the
LJSLA and the membership, elected to change the name of the
organization to the La Jolla Shores Surfing Association.  This was
done in 2004 as the membership was now comprised of both
longboarders and shortboarders of all ages, male and female.  
Today, the LJSSA is well respected and deeply entrenched in the
local community providing an avenue for the young and old,
families and individuals to enjoy the benefits of The Surfing Life
at The Shores.  
December 2004
Contest Director:  Stephanie Hoffman
Surf Team Captain: Position Open
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